"Her work in pastel is the best I've ever seen for a living artist.
It's extraordinary."

 William Secord, gallery owner, New York, NY 

"The dogs' noses look wet. It's so incredibly realistic, you just want to touch it."
Kate Headline, Bethesda, MD

"Her work captures our darling William with more delicacy and heart than we ever hoped to imagine Barrie, or anyone, could."
Mr. and Mrs. Grimes, New York, NY

"I was quite dazzled. I knew you were an artist of the first order, but I never imagined your being able to capture him so utterly. Congratulations, and thanks."

 Christopher Buckley, Washington, DC

"I think your work is wonderful." 

Barbara Bush, The White House

"We are head-over-heels about the incredible portrait you did of Hayley. Her personality spills out from the canvas in a way that no picture or memory could reproduce."

Bill O’Donnell, Darien, CT

"Barrie- I am tearful. First, it’s just a beautiful painting. But even more, you have totally captured his essence…it’s like he’s back with us again."

Elizabeth Maumenee, Easton, MD

"Cheryl and I will both cherish your work forever. Thank you for your dedication and magnificent talent."

Millard Sweatt, Dallas, TX

"All of us are thrilled with Katie’s portrait…it’s perfect and exceeds all expectations."

Letitia Morton, Baltimore, MD

"Your portrait of Cromwell, which I will cherish for the rest of my life, is a constant comfort."

Pari Novik, New York, NY

"Every day I smile when I see Zoe’s portrait- you are so talented!"

Kim Chester, Washington , DC

"Again, I can’t tell you how much I love the portrait. You have incredible talent and I am proud to own one of your works."

Sophia Pappas, New Orleans, LA

"Your portrait of me is a smashing success with everyone in the Maryland Club. It has gotten rave reviews, giving a whole new dimension to the upstairs hall."

Bill Shreve, Oxford, MD

"The Wyeths are so pleased and happy over Stuart’s portrait- they have it hanging at one end of the living room with a painting light, looks sensational, with hundreds of compliments for the artist!"

Carolyn Goodyear, Bryn Mawr, PA

"We are overcome with your talent! Sally’s portrait is not only wonderful of her and Fluff but a beautiful painting- which makes it doubly exciting."

G. Valentine, Virginia Beach, VA

"I want to thank you for doing such a beautiful job on Jennifer’s portrait. You are by far the best!"

Mark Miller, Richmond, VA

"‘Partners’ is one of the nicest works I think I have seen in a long time. Plus knowing both of the subjects you really captured their body language with each other to the degree you might not realize. Michael also fell in love with it madly."

Nelsa Yearly Sharp, Easton, MD

"You have truly captured Blair from ‘top to waist’. The dress is exquisite. I am thrilled to have so much detail. Many, many thanks for a wonderful job."

Deborah Dunn, Richmond, VA

"Bogey’s portrait is a constant comfort to us. I’ll report to your mother on your astounding work."

Betsy and John McDonald, St. Michaels, MD

"Barrie, the painting is gorgeous- we all died when we saw it."

Margaret Valentine, Richmond, VA