“Ninety percent of a portrait needs to be painted before any brush
hits the canvas. Success is all about proper, unhurried planning.”
–Johnny Jonas

A great portrait should not just capture the subject's physical appearance, but the way they lived. I want your portrait to look just like the subject, but also capture their essence through careful study in a way that even photography cannot.

So I begin each commission with an in-depth conversation (by phone or email) about the subject –their personality, physical traits, lifestyle, etc., and whether you're looking for something formal or informal. Or maybe you're not sure, and want to leave that up to me.

It’s crucial to meet the subject myself and make my own observations, take pictures of them relaxed in their natural environment, then create a concept, in the form of a rough sketch, based on our discussions and the results of the photo session. It's important to me that you approve the sketch and that I get your input on the photos so I can see exactly what your favorite expressions and poses look like. That way, I know you'll be happy with the results.

Once the initial sketch is approved, a 1/3 non-refundable deposit will be required to secure your commission. Then, please be prepared for up to a year wait for this highly customized portrait process. When your finished portrait is shipped to you, you will have the opportunity to review and identify any desired tweaks to guarantee complete satisfaction.