Global Stewards Project

Malcolm Short, Rotorua, New Zealand         
oil, 36" x 48"

                                                       GLOBAL STEWARDS PROJECT
  In 2014 Barrie began a pro bono project originally titled "Honoring Elders", painting and gifting oil portraits to Global Stewards such as Jane Goodall. "We’re all doing our best to make a difference but I often feel I’m not doing enough," she says. "I wanted to find a way to honor some of the amazing souls who are out in the world, selflessly doing things that benefit all of us. Gifting a portrait is one way I can show my gratitude."
  The first of the series is a life-size portrait of Malcolm Short, a Maori Elder in New Zealand, recipient of the Queen’s Service Medal. He exemplifies global stewardship and stellar leadership,  "mana of Kaumatua", as Maori say, plus extraordinary kindness and humility, which Barrie says she hopes comes through in the painting.
  Others to be painted are: filmmaker Stephen Ollson, author and activist John Robbins, and behavioral scientist Jane Goodall.